2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary 15 Amazing Best Places

2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary, covering iconic landmarks and scenic routes from coast to coast. Optimize your journey with a carefully planned itinerary to maximize experiences and minimize travel time.

Planning a cross-country road trip over two weeks takes precision to ensure you make the most of every mile. Your itinerary should blend natural wonders, historic sites, and the chance to taste the cultural diversity of the United States. Set off on an unforgettable coast-to-coast expedition that balances driving time with exploration.

This journey promises to tick off bucket-list destinations from the vibrant streets of New York City to the golden coasts of California. Along the way, national parks like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon await, alongside quirky roadside attractions that define the American travel experience. Tailor your trip to capture the essence of the U. S., visit small towns and major cities, and engage in activities that reflect the rich tapestry of this vast land. This two-week journey requires efficient planning to make the best use of your time and provide a fulfilling cross-country narrative.

2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary: Epic Adventures Await!

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2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary

Imagine the wind in your hair and a map in your hand. You’re ready to tackle the road less traveled on a two-week cross-country adventure. This isn’t just any trip; it’s the ultimate road trip, a journey that promises endless memories and spectacular sights. So let’s dive into making this fantasy a smooth reality.

Choosing Your Vehicle Wisely

Your choice of vehicle can make or break this epic journey. It needs to handle long distances comfortably and efficiently. Here’s what to consider:

  • Fuel Efficiency: Choose a car that drinks gas slowly. You’ll save money and stop less. Also, change engine oil before making a long road trip.
  • Reliability: The car must be your trustworthy companion. Ensure it’s well-maintained.
  • Comfort: Space for passengers and luggage is a must. Go for comfy seats and ample legroom.
  • Features: Modern amenities like GPS and cruise control can enhance your experience.
  • Car Insurence: Get Car Insurance with Any Driver.

Packing Essentials For The Long Haul

Packing right can make a significant difference. Here’s a quick list to help you pack smart:

Category Items
Navigation Maps, GPS device, road atlas
Clothing Layers for weather changes, comfortable shoes
Food Snacks, water bottles, cooler
Safety First-aid kit, flashlight, spare tire kit, and Polarized Sunglass
Entertainment Music playlists, audiobooks, travel games

Tips: Remember to tailor your packing to the specifics of your route. Also, revisiting your checklist before hitting the road ensures nothing vital is forgotten.

2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary

Cross Country Trip Map

Welcome to the ultimate adventure in mapping your 2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary. Crafting the perfect itinerary is an art form, blending iconic locations with the surprise of off-the-beaten-path treasures. Whether you crave the hustle of major cities or yearn for the tranquility of scenic backroads, your two-week journey becomes a canvas, awaiting the strokes of your travel desires.

Major Cities And Attractions

Planning a road trip across the country means pinpointing the major cities and attractions that resonate with your wanderlust. Let’s take a look at a table highlighting potential highlights across the United States:

Week Day City/Attraction
Week 1 Day 1 New York City – Times Square
Day 2 Philadelphia – Liberty Bell
Day 3 Washington D.C. – National Mall
Day 4 Charlotte – NASCAR Hall of Fame
Day 5 Atlanta – Georgia Aquarium
Day 6 New Orleans – French Quarter
Day 7 Houston – Space Center
Week 2 Day 8 Santa Fe – Historic Plaza
Day 9 Grand Canyon – South Rim
Day 10 Las Vegas – The Strip
Day 11 Los Angeles – Hollywood Walk of Fame
Day 12 Yosemite National Park – Yosemite Valley
Day 13 San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge
Day 14 Returning Home

Scenic Byways And Hidden Gems

Next, weave the threads of your journey through America’s scenic byways and hidden gems. These less-traveled paths offer breathtaking views and unique experiences. Here are a handful to consider:

  • Blue Ridge Parkway – Meander through Appalachia’s beauty.
  • Route 66 – Travel the historic road from Chicago to Santa Monica.
  • Pacific Coast Highway – Drive the stunning California coastline.
  • Highway 101 Oregon Coast – Explore lush forests and rugged shores.
  • Monument Valley – Witness the iconic red sandstone buttes.

Each of these routes provides a backdrop for memories that will last a lifetime. They bring your cross-country road trip to life with stories to share for years to come. Remember, the journey is as significant as the destination. Enjoy every mile!

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Week 1 The Eastern Half Road Trip Itinerary

Discover the Eastern treasures of America with our 7-day road trip itinerary. Let’s kick off an unforgettable journey along the Atlantic coast, dive into history, and explore charming coastal towns this week.

Starting Point: The Atlantic Coast

Bask in the sunrise on the Atlantic shore as you start your cross-country adventure. The cool ocean breeze and salty air mark the beginning of a memorable journey.

  • Maine’s lighthouses and lobster rolls
  • Rhode Island’s beachfront mansions
  • New Jersey’s famous boardwalk

Historical Landmarks And Coastal Towns

Travel back in time as we cruise through cities rich with heritage and stories.

  1. Fall in love with Boston’s Freedom Trail
  2. Feel the past in Philadelphia’s historic streets
  3. Revisit colonial times in Williamsburg, VA

Also, soak up small-town charm in coastal gems. Their quaint shops and seafood are not to be missed.

Town Activity
Cape May, NJ Victorian house tour
Annapolis, MD Sailboat watching
Savannah, GA Ghost tour adventure
2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary: Epic Adventures Await!

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Navigating Major Cities

Embracing the hustle and bustle of America’s urban landscapes is a thrilling part of any cross-country road trip. Major cities are not just waypoints but gateways to diverse cultures, historic landmarks, and unforgettable experiences. As you zigzag through the states, your journey will be enriched by the cities’ vibrant atmospheres. Let’s highlight how to soak in the cityscapes efficiently and comfortably.

City Highlights And Overnight Stays

Each city offers its tapestry of delights, blending history, art, and great food. Prepare a list of must-see spots ahead of time. Plan to book accommodations near major attractions for easy exploration.

  • New York City: Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Times Square
  • Chicago: Millennium Park, Willis Tower, and Navy Pier
  • Los Angeles: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Griffith Observatory, and Santa Monica Pier

Opt for hotels or Airbnb with parking options. Secure spots to rest with good access to public transport. This strategy cuts down on in-city driving, saves time, and enhances your travel experience.

Avoiding Traffic And Maximizing Time

Time is precious on a road trip, and getting stuck in traffic is a real mood dampener. Focus on traveling during off-peak hours. Cities often have rush hours in the mornings and evenings. Plan city entries and exits to dodge these busy times.

Make use of traffic apps like Waze or Google Maps to stay updated on road conditions. These tools are life-savers, helping you avoid congestion and find the fastest routes.

Consider city bypasses for further time savings. If a specific city is not on your visit list, use ring roads or alternative routes around it. This saves time and spares you from urban traffic.

Coastal Towns 2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary

Natural Wonders And National Parks

A breathtaking journey through America’s heartland of majestic landscapes and awe-inspiring national parks. Your road trip is not just a drive—it’s an adventure capturing the raw beauty of nature’s masterpieces. Along the way, towering mountains, stretching canyons, and sparkling lakes await to fill your soul with wonder. Get ready to explore the best of Mother Nature’s gifts.

Scheduling Hikes And Outdoor Activities

Plan your adventures with the sun. Early mornings bring out nature’s true essence and offer cooler temperatures. Respect your limits and choose trails that match your fitness level. Here’s how to get the most out of every hike:

  • Check weather conditions: Stay safe and comfortable.
  • Start early: Beat the crowd and heat.
  • Familiarize with trail lengths: Allocate time wisely.
  • Wear appropriate gear: Protect yourself and enhance the experience.
  • Carry essentials: Hydration, sun protection, and snacks are key.

Park Passes And Camping Reservations

Park passes are your golden tickets to America’s natural treasures. Secure them in advance to avoid missing out. Camping reservations need equal attention. Follow these tips for a smooth experience:

Task Details
Purchase America the Beautiful Pass Access to national parks for a year.
Book campsites early Many parks fill up months ahead.
Check cancellation policies Know your options if plans change.
Gather info on park facilities Prepare for amenities or lack thereof.

Whether under the stars or the morning mist, national park campgrounds offer an unparalleled experience. Embrace nature’s rhythm and wake up to the sounds of the wild.

Food And Culture On The Road Trips

The 2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary offers more than scenic landscapes and thrilling adventures. It’s a chance to savor the rich tapestry of American cuisine and immerse yourself in diverse cultural experiences. Food lovers and cultural enthusiasts, prepare for a journey that delights your taste buds and broadens your horizons.

Regional Cuisines To Try

As you drive across the States, each region presents its unique flavors. Don’t miss these signature dishes:

  • New England Clam Chowder: A creamy delight from the Northeast.
  • Philly Cheesesteak: A must-try in Pennsylvania.
  • Barbecue Ribs: Experience the slow-cooked goodness in the South.
  • Deep-Dish Pizza: A Chicago classic with a buttery crust.
  • Fish Tacos: Fresh and zesty from the West Coast.

Roadside Diners And Local Eateries

Every road trip is incomplete without stops at charming diners and local gems. These spots offer up hearty meals and a taste of small-town hospitality.

State Diner Recommendations
Maine Moody’s Diner
Tennessee Arnold’s Country Kitchen
Arizona The Roadkill Cafe
Oregon Pine State Biscuits
California Café 101

Remember to chat with locals to discover hidden culinary treasures off the beaten path. Your taste buds will thank you!

2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary

Midpoint Check-in: The Great Plains

Halfway into our cross-country adventure, we reach a land of open skies and endless fields. Welcome to the Great Plains, an area that stretches across the heart of America, offering a unique blend of serenity and simplicity.

Relaxing In The Heartland

The Great Plains serves as a peaceful intermission from the bustling cities and rugged mountains. Here, you can unwind and bask in the tranquility that this region is known for. Picture vast horizons that encourage deep breaths and relaxation.

  • Catch a sunset over the rolling prairie.
  • Stargaze under the clear night sky, untainted by city lights.
  • Savor the slow-paced lifestyle at a local farm stay.

Experiencing America’s Breadbasket

The Great Plains are not only for rest; they’re also the hub of America’s agriculture. This region is a powerhouse of crops and cattle, often called “America’s Breadbasket”.

Activity Description
Visit a Farm Learn how local farmers grow and harvest crops.
Food Tasting Sample fresh produce right from the source.
Agritourism Spots Explore corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and more.

Embark on guided tours to see modern agriculture in action. Discover local customs and participate in seasonal events that celebrate the region’s bountiful harvest. Experience firsthand the hard work behind the food on our tables.

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Week 2 The Western Frontier Road Trip Itinerary 7 Days

Envision endless skies and monumental landscapes as week two unfolds into an epic journey across the American West. This leg of your road trip introduces you to the dramatic shifts in time and terrain that have inspired countless adventurers. You’ll cross into the Mountain Time Zone and delve into the stunning desert scapes and rocky peaks. It’s a transformative phase, offering a blend of cultural richness and natural wonder.

Entering The Mountain Time Zone

Your watches spring forward but so does your sense of adventure. The Mountain Time Zone ushers you into a region shaped by rugged landscapes and historical mystique.

  • Denver, Colorado – Begin with a taste of urban life nestled against the Rockies.
  • Time Travelers – Sync your clocks with local time as you gear up for natural beauty.

Exploring Desertscapes And Rocky Peaks

The West’s heart lies in its deserts and mountains. Each day gifts a new scene, from painted canyons to towering pinnacles.

Monument Valley A landscape of iconic buttes and vast open space that has starred in films.
Grand Canyon Marvel at this wonder forged by nature over millions of years.
Arches National Park Discover over 2,000 natural stone arches and red rock formations.

Pack plenty of water, sunscreen, and your camera to capture the majesty of these awe-inspiring locations.

Thrills And Entertainment

Embark on a journey filled with exhilarating experiences across the United States. Thrills and Entertainment are pillars of an unforgettable two-week cross country road trip itinerary. Discover the pulse of America’s most electrifying tourist attractions and delight in unique entertainment that lights up the night. Gear up for the time of your life!

Must-visit Tourist Hotspots 

From the dazzling lights of Times Square to the majestic Grand Canyon, iconic sights await. Prepare for awe-inspiring moments at each destination on the trip. The list below pinpoints not-to-miss attractions:

  • Statue of Liberty – A symbol of freedom in New York City.
  • Disney World – Orlando’s magical theme park universe.
  • Las Vegas Strip – Experience the thrill of casinos and nightlife.
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame – Walk amidst stars in Los Angeles.
  • Yellowstone National Park – Witness geysers and wildlife.

Catch A Show Or Outdoor Movie Screening

Life on the road is thrilling with live entertainment around every bend. Immerse in local culture and entertainment with outdoor screenings and lively shows:

City Entertainment Options
New York Broadway shows, Central Park film nights
Nashville Grand Ole Opry, riverfront concerts
Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl, beachside movies
Chicago Millennium Park music festivals, Navy Pier IMAX
New Orleans Jazz performances, French Quarter street acts

Each show and screening brings a story to life under the stars. Create lasting memories as you enjoy the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Don’t miss the chance to become part of a story that transcends the screen and stage, turning each night into a cinematic spectacle.

2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary

Small Town Charms

Embarking on a cross-country road trip shines a spotlight on Small Town Charms that big cities often overshadow. These hidden gems offer unique experiences, from mom-and-pop shops to local art scenes. Discover these treasures—gems that make each mile of your journey unforgettable.

Boutique Shopping And Local Art

Boutique shopping in small towns brings you face-to-face with local culture. Here’s what to expect:

  • Hand-picked items that reflect the town’s character.
  • Personalized service from owners who know their crafts.
  • A rare find that stands out from mainstream retail.

Local art in these towns tells a story. Visit:

  • Artisan studios to see artists in action.
  • Street murals showcasing community history.
  • Galleries featuring work from emerging talent.

Festivals and Community Events

Join the fun at festivals and town events that celebrate local traditions. These gatherings offer:

  • Lively music that gets you tapping your feet.
  • Homemade treats from tried-and-true family recipes.
  • Activities that bond visitors with locals.

Check out:

Date Event Name Location
June 5th Apple Pie Fest Newton’s Orchard
July 12th Midsummer Night Fair Lakeview Park
August 23rd Harvest Moon Dance Old Mill Square

Remember, town events are perfect for making lasting memories. Use local event calendars to plan your visit so you won’t miss out!

Southwest Road Trip Destinations

An epic journey through the American Southwest. This 2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary showcases a tapestry of awe-inspiring landscapes and rich cultural heritage sites. Discover hidden gems as the sun-drenched trails take you to stunning national parks and timeless Native American landmarks.

The Grand Canyon And Beyond

The Grand Canyon, a true marvel, marks just the beginning of your southwestern adventures. Stand on the rim and gaze into the immense natural wonder. Capture the vibrant hues as the canyon walls tell tales of geological epochs.

  • Hike down the Bright Angel Trail for unforgettable views.
  • Witness the breathtaking sunset at Hopi Point.
  • Drive east for lesser-known vistas along Desert View Drive.

Continue your journey beyond the Grand Canyon. Explore other landmarks such as Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and the wondrous Monument Valley.

Cultural Heritage Sites On Road Trips

The journey through the southwest weaves through centuries-old Native American history. Respect breathes life into every visit.

Site Description Activity
Mesa Verde National Park Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings Tour ancient ruins
Taos Pueblo Continuously inhabited community Interact with local traditions
Chaco Culture National Historical Park Astronomical sites of Pueblo people Stargaze amid silent ruins

Each site offers unique insights into the lives of the ancient inhabitants. Experience the spiritual landscapes and architectural prowess of the Southwest’s earliest cultures. Hear stories of resilience and marvel at the rich legacies that persist.

2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary

California Road Trip Ideas

After days of thrilling experiences and breathtaking sights, you’ve reached the final leg. This chapter promises the quintessential California experience. Endless sunshine, iconic coastlines, and striking landscapes await you as you cruise through the Golden State. The adventure is far from over because California’s boundless beauty captures every traveler’s heart.

Golden State Splendor

California greets you with open arms and a kaleidoscope of scenery. Your journey takes you through landscapes kissed by the Pacific Ocean, lined with giant redwoods, and dotted with picturesque vineyards.

  • Drive across the famous Golden Gate Bridge and savor the view of San Francisco’s bay.
  • Feel tiny next to the towering Redwoods in Redwood National Park.
  • Sip world-class wines in Napa Valley’s sun-soaked vineyards.

Each destination offers a unique blend of nature and culture. No two days here are the same. With your camera in tow, capture memories that will last a lifetime against the backdrop of California’s splendor.

Beachside Farewells And Sunset Views

As your road trip winds down, it’s time for oceanfront relaxation and soaking in the sunsets. Stroll along the beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu, with the rolling waves as your soundtrack.

  1. Collect shells on the pristine shores of Laguna Beach.
  2. Join surfers at Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City.
  3. Watch the sky blaze with colors at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego.

Each sunset marks the end of an unforgettable day but not the spirit of your adventure. These moments offer a chance for peaceful reflection on the journey. Embrace the ocean’s farewells as you engrave your 2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary odyssey in your mind and heart.

Your cross-country road trip may reach its conclusion under the California sky, but the stories and memories created will journey with you forever.

Reflecting On The Journey

The 2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary is not just about the destinations visited. It’s a journey of self-discovery and adventure. Each mile covered is a story, a memory etched in time. Reflecting on the journey is as vital as the journey itself. This is where we unpack the highlights and contemplate the transformative experiences.

Capturing Memories

Memories are the currency of a road trip, and capturing them is key. Photos and videos are the usual go-tos, but there’s more to memory-making.

  • Keep a travel journal for thoughts and feelings.
  • Collect mementos, like tickets and souvenirs.
  • Use a digital map to pin locations visited.

Sharing your journey on social media or a blog can help others find inspiration.

Lessons Learned

A road trip teaches lessons both big and small. Look back at the experiences and consider what you’ve learned about yourself and the world.

Lesson Impact
Patience Handling delays and changes
Flexibility Adapting to new situations
Appreciation Valuing different cultures and landscapes

Planning Your Next Adventure

Returning home might seem like the end, but it’s the beginning of the next chapter. Reflect on your best moments and consider where the next road might take you.

  1. Review the places you loved most.
  2. Research new destinations and routes.
  3. Set goals for your next trip.

Start planning early, and you’ll have something wonderful to look forward to.

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Cross Country Road Trip Cost

The cost of a cross-country road trip can vary widely depending on several factors such as:

Vehicle: The type of vehicle you use will greatly impact your expenses. A fuel-efficient car will cost less in gas compared to a large RV or a gas-guzzling SUV.

Fuel: The distance you’ll be covering and the current price of fuel will determine your fuel expenses. You can use online tools to estimate fuel costs based on your route and vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Accommodation: You might stay in hotels, motels, campgrounds, or even sleep in your vehicle. Accommodation costs can vary significantly depending on your preferences and the locations you choose.

Food: Plan for meals along the way. Eating out at restaurants every meal can add up quickly, so consider packing some food or cooking meals if you have the means.

Activities: You may have some sightseeing or recreational activities planned along your route, which could incur additional costs.

Vehicle Maintenance: Long-distance driving can put wear and tear on your vehicle, so budget for potential maintenance and repair costs.

Insurance: Make sure your vehicle insurance is up to date and covers you adequately for the trip.

Emergency Fund: It’s always wise to have some extra funds set aside for unexpected expenses or emergencies.

To get a rough estimate, you can:

  • Use online tools to estimate fuel costs based on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and the distance you plan to travel.
  • Research accommodation options along your route and estimate nightly costs.
  • Budget for food expenses based on the number of meals you’ll need to purchase.
  • Consider any planned activities and their associated costs.

Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to overestimate expenses to account for unforeseen circumstances. Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions On 2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary

What Are Top Destinations For Cross Country Trips?

For a 2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary, top destinations include the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, and the Las Vegas Strip. These iconic spots offer diverse experiences from natural wonders to urban entertainment.

How To Plan A 2 Week Road Trip Itinerary?

Planning a 2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary involves mapping your route, selecting points of interest, and booking accommodations. Consider driving duration, allocate days for exploration, and include rest days. Use trip planning tools for an efficient route.

What To Pack For A Long Car Journey?

Pack essentials like clothing, toiletries, a first aid kit, and travel documents. Bring snacks, water, a road atlas, and entertainment options. Don’t forget the necessary tools for your car and a spare tire.

Can I Cross The US in Two Weeks?

Yes, crossing the US in two weeks is possible. It requires strategic planning and selective attraction choices. Prioritize specific regions or landmarks you want to visit and plan a realistic route that allows for driving and rest time.


2 Week Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary promises an epic adventure that’s hard to match. With diverse landscapes and vibrant cities explored, memories made are bound to last a lifetime. Pack your bags, grab your map, and get ready for the road trip of a lifetime.

Safe travels and happy exploring!

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